New York Post Says Wyclef Did Use Yele Haiti Funds Inappropriately

    The New York Post has taken a break from the gossip items that fill its pages for a pretty big story: After some investigation, the paper is reporting that Wyclef Jean did indeed misuse the funds from his Haiti charity, Yele Haiti, in the months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This was a charge levelled at Wycelf back when Yele Haiti was gaining tons of money–something like $16 million in the months after the earthquake–and when Clef was running for president of Haiti. 

    According to the story in the Post, Wyclef funneled a lot of the Yele Haiti money to his friends via contracts for services in Haiti, and a lot of the money went to pay “rent” on houses in Haiti for the workers of the charity. There are allegations of front companies and more funneling of money to his own accounts in the story. 

    It’s worth noting that Jean left the charity during his run for president, but he’s still sort of the face of it. Read the whole story here.