New York Movie Theaters To Challenge Soft Drink Ban

    Cinema owners in New York City will fight the newly adopted ban on large sugary beverages put out by the New York City Board of Health. The ban doesn’t go into effect until March 12, but Deadline reports that until then movie theaters and other venues will likely fight to stop it.

    The rule would prevent restaurants, workplace cafeterias and theaters from selling sugary drinks over 16 oz. Diet sodas, fruit juices and alcohol would not apply.

    The ban is the latest controversial measure being considered by government to prevent obesity. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg calls the ban “the biggest step a city has taken to curb obesity.”

    While some believe the ban will have a positive impact on the fight against obesity, theater owners object to the predicted drop in profits which will result. 25% of the average movie theater’s income comes from concession sales. Robert Sunshine, executive director of the National Association of Theater Owners in New York, says his organization is “opposed to anyone telling us what we can eat and what we can drink.” Sunshine adds that “somewhere along the line the profit will have to be made up. It’s going to have a tremendous impact.”

    The Guardian points out that New York is often one of the first states to adopt health-related bans. It was one of the first to ban indoor smoking in 2003, and earlier this year the state banned outdoor smoking in public areas.