New York Health Department Stops Investigating Beyonce Birth Controversy

    It’s the story that will never end (fortunately for tabloid reporters): The New York Health Department has reportedly closed its investigation into the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce. This follows a couple days of reports that other families in the hospital at the time of Beyonce’s birth were prohibited from seeing their own newborns once Beyonce and Jay-Z got to the hospital. The families claimed that Beyonce and Jay-Z paid $1.3 million to the Lenox Hill Hospital in order to have multiple suites in the hospital, and to have exclusive access to baby rooms and other preferential treatment. Apparently this included blocking other people from seeing their kids via bodyguards meant to keep paparazzi out.

    The investigation has been dropped by the New York Health Department, though, and the hospital is apparently doing it’s own internal investigation (while probably rolling in that $1.3 million). But still: It seems like the details of Blue Ivy Carter’s birth are going to keep going around the news mill for a few more days. [HuffPo]