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New Wilco Album Rules the Blogosphere; Band Magnanimous About Downloaders

Judging from the tone of Wilco(The Album), Jeff Tweedy and the boys are feeling some good vibrations. After turning away from the dark introspection of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost is Born with the serene Sky Blue Sky, the new record is straight forward and upbeat. Perhaps seeking a port in the recent economic storm, the denizens of the Internet have joined the party and been buzzing about Wilco (The Album), to the point that .25% of all Twitter users (refusing here to call people "Tweeters") were talking about it at the peak of the buzz. This is nothing new for Wilco, though, who released its last three albums via streams, and has always had a strong online presence. Jeff Tweedy relishes the advance publicity so much in fact, that he understands there will be a portion of fans who download the album illegally. Instead of getting legal (and perhaps knowing most his fanbase will buy a copy anyway), Tweedy says that all downloaders need only make a donation to Inspiration Chicago, one of the band's favorite charities. Once again, a semi-difficult reformed alt-country progenitor has shown us the way. [Billboard]

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Jeff Tweedy

I feel like artists who put out a consistently cool product (i.e. Wilco) the record sales will grow linearly regardless of people's propensity to download albums..


Hail to Wilco, for not suing their fans. The new album is great!

thom younng

Am I the only one that doesn't see this as an


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