New Video Of Gunplay VS. 50 Cent’s Crew At The BET Awards Surfaces

    A new video with a different camera angle has surfaced of rapper Gunplay‘s altercation with 50 Cent and his crew at the recent BET Awards in Atlanta. In a parking lot you can see 50 and his G-Unit clique walking, when suddenly a brawl breaks out and Gunplay is tossed into a fence.

    The MMG spitter fends off the attack initially, though he’s fighting against a group; G-Unit’s Mike Knox said on the radio this morning, “The only thing I can tell you is [Gunplay] was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was acting a certain kinda way that he shouldn’t have been actin’ … So, he got dealt with … He got his ass kicked.” It’s unclear whether or not 50 himself was involved in the beating or if he was merely surrounded by it. It is also being reported that Knox has Gunplay’s chain in his possession. [TMZ]