New trend: Edible album art

    Album art has provided a deep well of inspiration for artistically inclined music fans. Sleeveface still raises a few chuckles (this is a recent favorite of mine) and various attempts at replicating sleeves in MS Paint are all over the web. So where next? The answer is: food. A Japanese blog named Jacket Lunch Box is awash with attempts at rendering album covers by Weezer, Public Enemy, Tricky, and Primal Scream with various foodstuffs.

    Boing Boing highlights Weezer’s Green Album here, which has been made out of cabbage, seaweed, ham, fish cakes, paprika, and rice. The blog is in Japanese, but some helpful videos show how the album art was meticulously created. It’s surely only a question of time before someone tackles MF Doom’s Mmm…Food or starts thinking about well-known food lovers Cibo Matto. [Drowned in Sound]