New Slayer Album Has ‘A Little Bit of Everything,’ If Everything Is Defined As Beards, Riffs, and Satan

    Slayer guitarist Kerry King says the band’s new album will “have a little bit of everything on it,” including the song “Psychopathy Red,” previously  available only as seven-inch Record Store Day release. King added that while the band’s previous two releases fell into the faster category, the new record will be more like 1990’s Seasons in Abyss. He was also quick to quiet any negativity surrounding the selection of Greg Fidelman, who took a lot of heat for the muddy sound of Metallica’s Death Magnetic, to mix the album. King said that majority of the artistic decisions would ultimately rest with the band, and that “the last fifteen years of Metallica was not Greg’s fault.” Most other details about the album, including title and release date, are still up in the air.