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New Ryan Adams Album, 'Ashes & Fire,' Confirmed For Oct. 11 Release, Gets Track List

Last week, Ryan Adams teased the fact that he was finishing up recording his latest solo opus, Ashes & Fire, and apart from a few rumors, all we knew was that album would be out "soon." Well, today we can confirm that Ashes & Fire is definitely due out on Oct. 11, via Columbia and Pax-Am, and we also have a track list. The album was produced by classic rock producer Glyn Johns. Here's the track list:

01 Dirty Rain

02 Ashes & Fire

03 Come Home

04 Rocks

05 Do I Wait

06 Chains Of Love

07 Invisible Riverside

08 Save Me

09 Kindness

10 Lucky Now

11 I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say

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Ryan Adams

Useless music nerd factoid: Glyn Johns is the father of Ethan Johns, who produced Adams' first three solo albums as well as Whiskeytown's final album.

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