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New R.E.M. Features Eddie Vedder, But You Can Still Hear Mike Mills

R.E.M. has been flying under the radar for some time now, so its new album, Collapse Into Now, is generating quite a bit of buzz. The band offered "Discoverer" last week in exchange for an e-mail address, and now is giving fans a peek at "It Happened Today," featuring one Mr. Eddie Vedder. The song sounds pretty good, but the combined forces of Stipe and Vedder still can't quite overcome the vocal stylings of Mike Mills, which have haunted every song the band has done since "Shiny Happy People." Head over here to give it a listen. [Consequence of Sound]

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Eddie Vedder

Mike Mills has featured on most of their songs since 1981.


Agreed, but he didn't get annoying until "Shiny Happy People."

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Wow, hating on Mike Mills now? That's a new one. He's a great backup singer -- great bassist too. I'd never heard any opinion to the contrary till reading this. But I guess if you have enough success, there's always someone out there itching to make snarky Web commentary about you.


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