New R.E.M. Album To Sound “Very Old-School”

    With the elegiac Automatic For The People, R.E.M. effectively ended the run of albums that had rightly made the boys from Athens, Georgia superstars. Everything after, however popular–or, at times, however great–was slammed for inconsistency and unoriginality. So with a recent string of reissues reintroducing (or, for many, introducing) their classic ’80s LPs into the conversation–and with the lo-fi jangle they pioneered being all the rage–now would seem as good a time as any to harken back to those golden sounds. According to the Posies’ Ken Stringfellow–who’s heard an early version of the album–the forthcoming R.E.M. LP is going to be “very old school.” He went on to say that the new stuff has “a very live feel. It’s really quite beautiful, some of the recordings were a little bit dark and had just the kind of murk that you would hear on an old R.E.M. record.” Trying to recreate magic twenty years after the fact is always a risky proposition, but something tells me Michael Stipe might just be able to pull it off. [NME]