New release date for Modest Album, now with track list

    Via Billboard:
    Hopefully the second time is the charm for We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. After originally being slated to come out back in December, Modest Mouse’s latest was pushed into unknown new year territory. Now Epic Records is announcing the album will be available March 20th. It’s widely-known that Johnny Marr became a member of the band while the album was being recorded, but he’s not the only big name guest–James Mercer of The Shins also appears on three tracks.
    Full track after the jump…
    [more:] “March Into the Sea”
    “Fire It Up”
    “Parting of the Sensory”
    “Missed the Boat”
    “We’ve Got Everything”
    “Fly Trapped in a Jar”
    “Little Motel”
    “Steam Engenius
    “Spitting Venom”
    “People As Places As People”