New Radiohead Album Complete in “a Matter of Weeks.”

    Thom Yorke may have predicted the end of the music industry in “months rather than years,” but there’s some better news from the band this past weekend. Ed O’Brien appeared on Adam Buxton’s BBC radio show, and claimed that the group’s new record will be completed in “a matter of weeks.”


    “Ideally, it’d be great if it came out sometime this year,” said O’Brien, on the speculative release date for the as-yet untitled new opus from the band. “It’s got to. I hope so.” He continued by saying: “We’re at the studio at the moment… we’re in the heart of the record,” and added, “the finishing line… it’s in touching distance.”


    “I’m really excited… I feel like this is the best record we ever made,” he said, echoing pre-album hype delivered by musicians since time immemorial. “It really is genuinely exciting. It’s very different from what we did last time.” The full interview was capped by someone at the At Ease message board and can be heard here.