New Prefix Features!

    We’ve been adding loads of new features over the past couple months to make Prefix a better site for our users.  Here are some of the notable additions:



    Status Message

    Now you can tell everyone your status, which is displayed in various places throughout the site. Put what you’re listening to, what you’re eating…  Just click on your status (or the edit link next to it) wherever you see it on the site to edit it.



    Add Friends

    Now you can add other users on Prefix as friends.  Friends can send each other Private Messages, and comment on Profile Pages.   Any user you add as a friend will have to approve your the request before you are friends.




    You can see all of your friends’ status updates on your "Friends" page.  You can also easily send Private Messages or Comment from here.



    User Comments

    If you’re friends with another Prefix user you can leave comments on their profile page.  Email notifications are sent when you receive a new comment (this is configurable).



    Private Messaging

    Have private conversations with your Prefix buddies.  Conversations are grouped together "chat style" to make them easy to read.  Email notifications are sent to you when you receive a new Private Message (also configurable).





    You will now receive Notifications for certain activity on the site.  For example, if a user adds you as a friend, you’ll get an email notification telling you.  This is all configurable via your profile preferences page.


    User Search

    You can search for existing Prefix users by email or username.




    Invite Friends

    If you really like Prefix, you should tell your friends about us!  There are a couple easy ways to get the word out.  Just click on the big "Invite Your Friends to Join Prefix!" link under the main navbar.  You’ll be able to send out invites with the form on that page.



    Import Contacts

    From the "Invite Friends" page, you can manually type friends’ email addresses.  Or even easier, you can import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or vCard (exported from another program).



    Don’t forget registered users can also:

    • Win stuff from contests that are only open to registered users
    • Upload profile pictures
    • Post comments without waiting for approval (and without typing a verification code!)
    • Post on the Forum
    • Rate Albums, Mp3s and Videos


    If there are features you would like to see on Prefix, or things you would change about the site, the Forum is a good place to talk about it.  There will be a lot more site additions in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!  Thanks for helping make Prefix a great site!