New Portishead Album Not Being Released This Year

    We already know what not to expect from the fourth Portishead studio album, after Geoff Barrow tweeted a list of things the band is not prepared to do upon its release. That spate of tweeting, plus the announcement of some mouthwatering shows for ATP in London later this year, naturally got people excited for that new record. But here comes the bad news: it’s not being released any time soon.


    “Dunno where the news came from that we are releasing this year,” Barrow tweeted earlier today. “Unless like some other bands we get someone else to write it for us!” So it looks like an all-too familiar wait is in store, but let’s just hope it’s not as long as the sizable 11-year gap that stretched out between the band’s last two releases.


    If Barrow is wondering where the rumors came from, he might like to recall this interview, which was conducted back in Sept. 2009. “We’re going to start writing and if all goes well it could be (out) in a year’s time,” he said. We were skeptical of that announcement back then, and it looks like the notoriously slow moving group is settling back into its old patterns. But, if Third is a yardstick of quality for that new album, it will almost certainly be worth the wait when it comes. 

    [via The Quietus]