New PiL Album Delayed Due To Ari Up’s Death

    Public Image Ltd. frontman John Lydon has stated that the recording of a new PiL album will be delayed while he mourns the death of his stepdaughter, the late Ari Up.


    Ari Up died late last month due to complications with cancer at age 48. The Slits’ frontwoman, Up was only 15 when the all-girl group first formed in 1976. Up’s relationship with Lydon extends all the way back to then, with the Slits song “So Tough” off their debut Cut detailing a fight between Lydon (then Johnny Rotten) and Sid Vicious.


    “I don’t want to leave my wife alone for any length of time right now,” Lydon explained. “So the music side has had to be held.”


    Ultimately Lydon hopes that the delay will improve the new album’s sound, and assures that the rest of the band understands his reasons for postponing the recording process. [NME]