New My Bloody Valentine Influenced By The Beach Boys

    Little by little over the last month and a half, details of the new forthcoming My Bloody Valentine album have been revealed. It seems with each new Kevin Shields interview he spills a little bit more about the process behind the album and what it will sound like.

    The most recent newsworthy tidbit comes from a discussion with NME where Shields revealed that the new album was heavily influenced by The Beach Boys and their album Smile. As he stated:

    The idea was to bring a lot of parts together, riffs or chord changes without making a song out of it. […] I wanted to see what would happen if I worked in a more impressionistic way, so that it only comes together at the end. I think I was probably a little influenced by [The Beach Boys] Smile at the time.”

    Shields also revealed that he originally began working on the album in the 1990s as a “experiment.”

    It’s been a long time but no doubt this makes the already much-anticipated album all that more enticing. [NME]