New Music From Desaparecidos: “MariKKKopa”

    Conor Oberst hasn’t made new music with his quintet Desaparecidos in ten years, not since they released Read Music/Speak Spanish in 2002. Now they’re back, and Oberst is in an absolute rage. First single “MariKKKopa” deals with human rights issues in Arizona, using the voice of anti-immigration groups (“It’s time we had some justice for the white race on this Earth”) delivered over snarling power chords.

    In an interview with the Huffington Post, Oberst explains that recording “MariKKKopa” was a way to convey the “unbelievable level of vitriol and hatred that comes from some supporters of these anti-immigrant laws.” He refers to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is being sued on charges of discrimination against Latinos, as a “criminal”: “I used the best means at my disposal to [call Arpaio out]: a punk rock song.” When Conor Oberst gets angry, the music only gets better. Listen to “MariKKKopa” below. Both “MariKKKopa” and new track “Backsell,” are both out tomorrow.