New Mountain Goats March 29

    Just in case the new generation of holiday specials clogging the air haven’t been making you feel all that festive (what exactly does it mean to be wished “A Merry Shrekmas”?), here’s a bit of news to put you in the holiday spirit. John Darnielle, the troubadour of tumultuous times, the bard of the hopeless bastard, the Dylan of despair, has seen a star and, lo, a new Mountain Goats record is born.  This one is called All Eternal’s Deck, will be released March 29 as his first release on Merge Records. What’s more, one of the producers is death meatal legend Erik Rutan, of Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal. Will this one find Darnell backed by a double-kick while he wails on double-necked guitars? Hard to imagine, but let’s hold out hope. It is the holidays, after all.


    Here’s a bit about the album in Darnielle’s own words.


    “If you have ever watched say a 70s occult-scare movie where one of the scenes involves a few people visiting a storefront fortune teller, getting their cards read, and then trying to feel super-hopeful about their predicted outcome when what they’re visibly actually feeling is dread, then you have a pretty decent idea of what the album is all about.


    Other possible points of reference include ‘Burnt Offerings,’ ‘Go Ask Alice,’ and that one scene in ‘The Warriors’ where they’re on the train and the sun’s coming up and they’re safe but you know the scars are permanent now.”


    Read his whole blog post here