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Prefix Exclusive: New Midlake Video - "Bandits"

This is part four of a ten part series of music videos from the Midlake album "The Trials of Van Occupanther." Bella Union Records and World's Fair Management Group are hosting this series of videos over at YouTube.
Midlake Guitarist Eric Pulido had this to say about the video:
"The video for 'Bandits' was filmed and directed by our good friend and music
video cohort, Jon Collins. I was lucky enough to be cast as not only one of
the bandits, but as the 'lead bandit' (cue narcissistic smile). The process
was difficult due to lack of time, money, resources, and crystal, but
nonetheless, the end product was a wonderful piece of work. The tunnel shots
were my favorite because of the trickery Jon used to elongate the actual
tunnel. The tunnel was really only about 15 ft long and 4 ft wide, but with
the magic of technology, and actual magic, Jon was able to make it twist,
turn, extend, and even do the hokey pokey. It was great to work with
everyone involved with the project and help create a beautiful video to
compliment the song."

There is also a fan submission contest as well. Visit and submit your own video for "It Covers The Hillside." The winner will have their video featured on numerous websites, including label sites and receive a Midlake prize pack.
And lastly, is it just me or do the bandits resemble the merchant from resident evil 4 in an uncanny manner?
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