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New M.I.A. "XR 2" (MP3)

(Via: Idolator via: The Scattermish Bloooog]
A new M.I.A. track "XR 2" has done the leaky leak. Anyways, the most notable difference on this track from M.I.A.'s prior work is her change to a robotic/monotone delivery that's very remniscent of __________. I'm drawing a blank, but maybe someone can fill it in for me. The beat is pretty crazy and should keep the club jumping.
M.I.A. "XR 2"

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Got my vans on but they look like sneakers?No, that's not it...

Matthew Gasteier

Ha ha. Actually that's not a bad comparison. I think it was a female emcee or singer.

Dave Park

I think she sounds like Tricky.


OMG!!! I love this song !!!! where can i download this onto my computer!!!!?? Please let me know


Just "Right Click Save As" on the link that says "Download" above. Let me know if that still doesn't work.

Dave Park

The reason it sounds so crazy is because good ol Switch is behind the production. :o)

James R

she sounds like cher. jk lol brb ttyl


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