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More details emerge about ‘creepy’ new Mastodon album

Mastodon is five songs into its new album with producer Brendan O’Brien, and according to drummer Brann Dailor, things are getting strange in the heavy side  of the ATL. Dailor said the new songs are “real creepy and spaced out and different” and include a fifteen minute long jam track, “The Last Baron,” that O’Brien has left totally intact. The new album will also have a concept tying it together, but so far the band has been mum on what it will be. As Leviathan dealt with water and Blood Mountain was based around earth, odds are this one could be either wind or fire, with fire in the lead because of the many sweet possibilities for the album cover. Finally, details have also emerged about the Mastodon/Springsteen connection. It seems that E-Street Band member Max Weinberg has a son who is a huge Mastodon fan. In what has to be one of the coolest dad moves of all time, Weinberg hooked the band up with O’Brien. [Billboard ]
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Album Announcement

Full-length debut Remission was supposedly themed around fire (check out the songs "March of the Fire Ants" and "Burning Man") so the new one's gotta be wind if they're still on the element track. O'Brien did well with Pearl Jam, STP, Rage Against the Machine, so I see no reason why he couldn't excel with Mastodon, given their pretty wide-ranging sound. Bring it on!

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Remission wasn't a themed album.


Check out this interview with Troy Sanders where he states that Remission did have a loose fire theme:

Not necessarily a concept as with Blood Mountain, but they did use fire as a theme to tie several of the songs together.

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it's gonna be insane


There's speculation that the album is going to be about czarist Russia. This theory is based off of a new Mastodon shirt that features a drawing of Rasputin by Brann. Could be sweet!


"When is it coming out?" is the only question I want answered.


they said it was going to be about dark energy in one interview and also have russia based themes too


Its about the wind. Skye. Skye was also troys sisters name that passed. Its also loosely based on Rasputin and wormholes. A paraplegic kid that has out of body journeys. Very deep and interesting.

Oh....and Remission was the "Fire" album.


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