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New Liars album coming in August

No, we're not fibbing. The fourth album from noise trio Liars, a self-titled affair, is slated for release August 28 on Mute. The newbie reportedly finds the band eschewing some of the experimentation and chaos of their first two albums for more straight-forward songwriting. Liars' ax man Angus Andrew says, "If you told me last year Liars would release a record like this, I would have laughed. If you would've said I'd be playing guitar solos, I 'd have called you a liar." Liars calling Liars liars. What a Mobius strip of confusion.
Read on after the jump for the new album's tracklist. Here's to hoping closer "Protection" might be a Massive Attack cover. That would be some mind-bending musical melding.
Plaster Casts Of Everything
Leather Prowler
Sailing To Byzantium
What Would They Know
Cycle Time
Freak Out
Pure Unevil
Clear Island
The Dumb In The Rain
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