New Led Zeppelin album, tour not in the works, says Jimmy Page

    Basically, if you get the faintest whiff of the reunion of an old band these days, rumors will swirl. When you apply this to Led Zeppelin, you basically multiply those rumors by a hundred. After a one-off performance at the O2 fest in London in honor of Ahmet Ertegün last November, rumors have incessantly swirled of an extended tour, and even of a new album. On Saturday, during a press conference for the upcoming rock documentary It Might Get Loud at the Toronto International Film Festival, Led Zeppelin guitarist quelled the rumors…for now:

    “We’re not actually recording,” Page said to part one. “Playing at the 02, that was our reunion and it was one day and it was at the 02 in London,”

    Page also commented that"if you’re going to do a reunion, you need four members. John Paul Jones, myself and Jason would sort jam afterwards but it was nothing as monumental as people are speculating."


    Wait wait, jam sessions? Between 3 of 4 members of Led Zeppelin? In rock circles, that’s like how Packers scrimmages in July take up the entire front page in Green Bay (sorry, Monday Night Football is on). No doubt the members of Led Zeppelin will have to field these questions incessantly until another member dies or becomes incapacitated. I guess this is what you get when you’re Led Zeppelin and—keeping the Packers theme—you indicate that you have the reunion itch.