Sub Pop founder starts new label, Hardly Art

    Apologies for the larger than life logo, but it’s not sized in such a way that lends it to cropping. In any case, Sub Pop founder Jonathan Poneman is set to kickstart a new label, and I’ll give you one guess what it’s called. According to the press release that landed in our inbox, the label’s mission statement is that “Hardly Art will indeed be focused on offering quality records for people to enjoy.” What a concept!
    In all seriousness, the freshly minted label is set to get down to business in the coming weeks and start promoting its first signing , Arthur & Yu. The Seattle-based duo’s album In Camera is set for release June 19. There’s no mp3 to pass your way as yet, but you can check out the band’s MySpace page to get an idea what they’re about.
    Hardly Art also has a temporary website that you can view here until the real deal is ready.