New Jane’s Addiction Recordings with Trent Reznor Available on Free Download EP

    Nine Inch Nails singer Trent Reznor has spent most of this morning tweeting about his computer problems (yes, even celebrities suffer the Windows blue-screen-of-death) and dropping hints about his NINJA 2009 website. The site is now live, and for the price of an e-mail address you can obtain some exclusive tracks by Nine Inch Nails and their soon-to-be touring partners, Jane’s Addiction and Street Sweeper.

    Reznor’s a web geek, so he’s released the tracks in numerous formats, including FLAC, an Apple lossless format, WAVE, and some plain old MP3s (and even the latter are higher than average quality). You’ll need to know how to use BitTorrent to download anything but the ordinary MP3 files, but Reznor has offered a beginners guide for anyone floundering.

    The Jane’s Addiction tracks are notable for being the first recordings of the band since the original lineup reconvened. Both songs are new versions of old tracks, and were produced by Reznor himself. The production on “Whores” sounds horribly overblown and bloated, but skip over that to “Chip Away,” which is full of spooky whispers and tribal percussion. Information regarding those upcoming tour dates can be found here.