New Fiery Furnaces Album, I’m Going Away, Due Out in July

    All has been quiet on the Fiery Furnaces front since the prolific indie rockers dropped their 40 song live album Remember last summer. The band apparently has one album in the can, I’m Going Away, which has been slated for a July 21 release date via Thrill Jockey. The set features lyrics by Eleanor Friedberger and music by her bro Matthew, minus the traditional title track.


    As can be expected, the band is already knee-deep in the reocrding of two other albums, one that they’re calling a “silent album” and another that they’re calling “Democ-Rock” which features lyrics from fan-written messages to the band that the Fiery Furnaces encouraged concert goers to throw onstage. No word on when those two will be out.


    Here’s I’m Going Away‘s track list:


    01 I’m Going Away
    02 Drive to Dallas
    03 The End Is Near
    04 Charmaine Champagne
    05 Cut the Cake
    06 Even in the Rain
    07 Staring at the Steeple
    08 Ray Bouvier
    09 Keep Me in the Dark
    10 Lost At Sea
    11 Cups and Punches
    12 Take Me Round Again