New Eels Album Gets Artwork/Tracklisting

    Not even a year after the release of End Times, Mark Oliver Everett and company are already ready to drop another Eels album. Tomorrow Morning will be released on August 24th via the band’s own E Works Records, which is usually only used to put out live Eels recordings. It is the third part of a trilogy of albums that began with 2009’s Hombre Lobo, and continued with the aforementioned End Times. Today, the tracklisting and artwork for the new album were revealed.


    Tomorrow Morning:

    1. In Graditude For This Magnificent Day

    2. I’m A Hummingbird

    3. The Morning

    4. Baby Loves Me

    5. Spectacular Girl

    6. What I Have To Offer

    7. This Is Where It Gets Good

    8. After The Earthquake

    9. Oh So Lovely

    10. The Man

    11. Looking Up

    12. That’s Not Her Way

    13. I Like The Way This Is Going

    14. Mystery Of Life