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New EELS Album, "End Times," streaming on MySpace now

We can't say how long it's going to be out there, but as of right now, the forthcoming EELS CD, End Times is streaming on their MySpace page (click here to hear it).


End Times is the eighth studio album by the "group," which is really a project by multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett (a.k.a. "E"). E has called the record a "divorce album," alluding to the fact that it chronicles some personal romantic history of his. He's also said the title refers to the "desperate times we live in" and has nothing to do with "Mayan calendar conspiracy bullshit."


The CD comes hot on the heels of his last CD, Hombre Lobo, because E prurporedly felt bad he didn't release anything for four years before that CD. End Times, by the way, will officially drop Jan. 19.

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