New Cursive Record Mama, I’m Swollen Price Increases a Dollar a Day, Now at $2

    Ever since Radiohead offered In Rainbows to fans at a price of "whatever you want to pay," it seems that zany pricing schemes for albums have been getting more popular, with Nine Inch Nails, Saul Williams, and Girl Talk among the artists trying similar strategies. Cursive, essentially the only band where you wouldn’t have to be ashamed finding out that the kid with the pink mullet wearing eyeliner sitting across the aisle from you on the bus is also listening to, is the latest initiate to this club.


    Yesterday, Cursive’s label Saddle Creek started offering Cursive’s latest Mama, I’m Swollen, as a digital download for $1. Today it is $2 with the price scheduled to increase by $1 every day until March 10, when the album is released in stores. The download price will then stay at $9. At this point, it might just be easier for a music pirate to fork over the $2 than spend time searching for a decent quality copy of the album.


    Buy Mama I’m Swollen here.