New Cure album 4:13 Dream: cover and track listing

    The Cure’s forthcoming album, 4:13 Dream, for which the band has been methodically baiting the hook with the release of a new single on the 13th of each month, is tantalizingly close now, with a release date of October 28 (presumably as near as the veteran spook-rockers could get to Halloween). We’re close enough now that the band has revealed the album cover and full track listing.


    The cover of 4:13 Dream is, well, quite frankly, the ugliest-looking thing we’ve laid eyes on since Shane McGowan stopped flossing. It looks like a misbegotten version of what Howard Finster’s children might be expected to bring home from their daycare-center art class. Fortunately, even without hearing the full album, we can rest assured that the tracklisting is another matter, containing as it does the singles we’ve already been exposed to (no surprise there), which contain some fine work. BTW: In what appears to be an appropriately theatrical sense of arrangement, the 13-track (duh) album closes with the self-explanatory "It’s Over." 


    Track listing:

    Underneath The Stars
    The Only One
    The Reasons Why
    The Real Snow White
    The Hungry Ghost
    The Perfect Boy
    This. Here And Now. With You
    Sleep When I’m Dead
    The Scream
    It’s Over