New Cold Cave Album, ‘Cherish The Light Years,’ Due Out In April

    It seems like Cold Cave’s breakthrough album, Love Comes Close, came out a lot longer ago than 2009, but no, it was just a little over a year ago that Wes Eisold and his dark post-punk project last got down. In April, they come back with a vengeance: Cherish the Light Years, the band’s new Matador LP, is due out on April 5. It features work from the likes of Nick Zinner, Matt Sweeney and others. Here’s the cover and track list for you to ponder:



    1. The Great Pan Is Dead

    2. Pacing Around The Church

    3. Confetti

    4. Catacombs

    5. Underworld USA

    6. Icons Of Summer

    7. Alchemy and You

    8. Burning Sage

    9. Villains of the Moon