Chingy returns to old label for new album

    St. Louis rapper Chingy, creator of hits such as “Right Thurr” and “Balla Baby,” has plans to release his upcoming album, Hate It or Love It, on his original label, Disturbing The Peace, after previously departing the label to sign exclusively to Capitol after his debut.[more:] In an interview with, Chingy said “I don’t think Capitol really knew how to work urban artists, They’re really stuck on pop and they didn’t know how to market me.” Chingy now plans to release his new album via Def Jam/DTP on December 11th.
    And if any of this seems strange to you, it’s probably because Chingy gave an interview a while back to XXL accusing DTP executives of being less than honest in money matters. Then again, the only thing worse for money matters than bad execs are terrible sales (his last album, Hoodstar, failed to go gold), so I suppose that we can say when it comes to Chingy, money matters.