New Book Documents The History Of K Records

    Put the kettle on to boil and bake some scones ‘cause it’s time to get the book club back together. On July 10 a new book chronicling the history of K Records will hit the shelves at an independent bookstore near you (or, you know, Amazon if you hate supporting your local economy).  Written by City Arts editor-at-large Mark Baumgarten, Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the Rise of Independent Music documents the history and personalities behind one of the country’s most influential independent record labels.


    Since its founding in 1982 by the baritone-voiced Calvin Johnson, the label has put out a steady stream of some of the best albums of the past few decades. The catalog includes releases from bands like Built to Spill, the Melvins, Bikini Kill, and Beat Happening, among dozens of others. Basically, ask any plaid-wearing 20-something what their favorite albums are and there’s a good chance at least one came from this Olympia, Washington label. 


    Consisting of interviews and stories from many of the label’s key players, the book’s text comes with a digital soundtrack showcasing a handful of K artists. Tracklist below:  


    01 Beat Happening — “Foggy Eyes”

    02 The Beakers — “Red Towel”

    03 The Few — “Rollin’ Like the Tide”

    04 Mecca Normal — “Smile Baby”

    05 Beat Happening — “The This Many Boyfriends Club”

    06 Some Velvet Sidewalk — “Loch Ness”

    07 Girl Trouble — “Bring on the Dancing Girls”

    08 Heavenly — “Starshy”

    09 Rose Melberg — “My Day”

    10 KARP — “Connect 5”

    11 Tree People — “GRE”

    12 Halo Benders — “Don’t Touch my Bikini”

    13 Lois [ft. Dub Narcotic Sound System] — “Ship to Shore”

    14 Black Anger — “NON- Fiction”

    15  D+ — “Don’t Worry About Me”

    16 The Microphones — “The Glow Pt 2”

    17 IQU — “Yopparai”

    18 Old Time Relijun — “Cold Water”

    19 Calvin Johnson — “What Was Me”

    20 Mirah — “The Garden”

    21 LAKE — “Roger Miller”