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New Blind Melon songs surface

A couple of months back, a picture of Blind Melon together with singer Tavis Warren surfaced on the web, followed shortly by the news that he had been taken on to replace the late Shannon Hoon and work on a new album. Well, some of the fruits of these labors are now available. Click here to listen to three new tracks, "Make A Difference," "For My Friends" and "Harmful Belly."
Is Blind Melon a viable band without Hoon? Is this a shameful cash-in, or great news? Should the guys have just left the Blind Melon name alone and started fresh? Leave some comments below.
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Blind Melon

yeah, this is really bad music. i was actually a fan of blind melon, and this is pretty much a shame. poor shannon


I loved blind melon with shannon hoon, and to hear these guys movin on as blind melon irks me a bit....i guess they have every right to do it, but i feel that they should have at least changed the name...They have always been good musicians, but it was shannon that made them great....this new guy sounds like he is trying too hard to maintain the magic that shannon brought..nothing good and real ever comes out of a copy..i don't know if i would like these guys if they were just some new band with no history, hard to tell, but they sound kind of ordinary and far from the blind melon i loved

Dan D

First of all the songs are all really good...actually make a difference and harmful belly are amazing...really cool songs that people will take a liking to...obviously the band is immensely talented and why not go on?after 10 years they decided to get back in the studio where they belong...they finally feel comfortable with another singer and why not?its a rock band everyone and it is blind melon...Shannon will always have a legacy and he was amazing...the fans want this,the true diehard melon fans...they were cut short with shannon and i know the band has so much more to put out there...give the new guy a chance,he might surprise alot of you


I want to say that the songs are amazing! Shannon Hoon was a great singer and nobody will forget him, ever, but Travis is amazing too and he really fits in well with Blind Melon. I run the Blind Melon fansite and the buzz over there is huge, Blind Melon fans are supporting the new music and excited about the band getting back together, and why shouldn't they be?


hey there..this new stuff really kicks A** i like it =!! im a huge melon fan and this sounds nothing like before, but thats wot i like..its the same talented guys with a brand new singer who will rock. just goes to show they have more up there sleeve than ever

criss c.

These songs are AWESOME!! I'm a big blind melon fan and it's so refreshing to hear something new from them. Obviously Shannon can never be replaced or copied and it doesn't appear as if they're trying to do this at all. Any idiot can just say that this is crap and that the new guy is a hoon carbon copy, but that's just not true. For one, his voice is VERY different than Shannon...they both had a high range, but the new guy's voice is clean and has different tonal qualities than Shannons scratchy voice. The music is also more refined and less jammy, but still has that early 90's grunge meets classic rock sound...which I miss. It's VERY REFRESHING to hear new music from a band with so much talent. Every band is jumping on the trendy band wagons of today's pop to hear a band with the old 90's rock sound writing NEW material is a wonderful thing. Fans and people alike should embrace this with open arms and give the band a chance to be heard again. They deserve it.

Rob M.

the tunes are awesome. end of story. if you;ve ever heard anything by travis warren then you know he actually sings like that and he is NOT trying to copy shannon. there are lots of singers out there in that higher register, so give him a chance. the song themselves have a more mature vibe to it but still have that totally unique blind melon jam quality. personally i think they have grown a lot in a good way. i loved blind melon then and still do. as the saying goes... if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck then it must be ..... blind melon. support the band!!!

matt d.

at first i was iffy about it. hearing the fact that blind melon will rejoin with a new singer, because yes everyone you can not replace shannon. BUT after hearnig the songs, i am amazed and regret feeling that it would be a bad move. their new singer is an amazing artist, and has an amazing voice, close to that of shannons. and although shannon will never be replaced for the person he was and the voice he had, he can be helped by the new guy to carry on his band, in a fashion he would have liked. "Harmful Belly" is an amazing tune, and me? I cant wait for this new album.Blind Melon. Cant wait.

Robbie M

3 new songs rock. Can't wait to hear the full length and even more can't wait to see them live. I LOVED Blind Melon with Shannon and continue to LOVE Blind Melon. I hope they stick together and continue to release great music. I have never heard a better mix of chemistry and song writing talent. I hope the tour will be small venues like the "Crammed in a van tour" was. I actually got to meet everybody except Shannon on that tour and if I could've distracted the 400 Charlotte N.C. girls for a few minutes I could've met him. ;)

Jeff G

There is no "Blind Melon" without Shannon. Way to tarnish the Melon name...I really thought more of the guys.


Hey Blind Melon Troopers! Loved your music back then. And love what I'm hearing now! Go hard and come see us in Aotearoa!!! (NZ)

Bevan Thomson

I saw the new Blind Melon last week. It's kind of like seeing the Doors without Morrison. The band is tight, but while Hoon's voice was scratchy and in the vein of Janis Joplin, the new dude's is scratchy and more in the line of Sebastian Bach. The crowd loved it but I couldn't get into it. I was THE biggest fan and I wish them luck, but it's not Hoon's Blind Melon. I've heard their new stuff online and it sounds like Candlebox... and if you have to ask if that's a compliment or not, well, good day to you.


I just saw Blind Melon in SF 2 weeks ago and they were awesome.Shannon was an incredible presence but the musicianship is incredible. My family and I listen to Blind Melon everyday.I have been a huge fan from the beginning and I was so pleasantly surprised by the range and energy of Travis Warren. That's the beauty of life,it always changes.


I recently saw Blind Melon in Boulder and WOW! What an absolutely awesome performance!

I saw Blind Melon in Dallas many years ago. I loved them with Shannon and I love them with Travis.

These guys totally deserve to go on and complete what should have been all along. Travis Warren is an incredible front man - power, energy and presence. The new music sounds great - can't wait for the CD to come out.


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