New Biography Says Dave Grohl Quit Nirvana In 1993

    A new biography, This Is a Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl, of Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl is due out later this week, and there is a surprising revelation made in the book: Grohl apparently quit Nirvana in 1993, after overhearing Kurt Cobain demean his drumming ability. It apparently happened on a plane between Seattle and Los Angeles, and Cobain was “kinda fucked up” and was telling Krist Novoselic that he wanted Grohl to play more like Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters, who was Nirvana’s drummer (briefly) before Grohl. At that point, Grohl resolved to quit Nirvana, and was going to, until he was talked down by the band’s tour manager. 

    The timing of the story is good obviously, since the reissue of Nevermind is out now. [NME]