New Beirut Album, ‘The Rip Tide,’ Out In August

    A day after their new single got released to SoundCloud, here comes the official announcement for Beirut’s new album: It’s called The Rip Tide, and it’s due out on Aug. 30 via Beirut’s own Pompeii Records. The album is reportedly more dramatic than Flying Club Cup, and less Mexican music-indebted than March of the Zapotec. Here’s the track list. “East Harlem” is below again for you.   


    01 A Candle’s Fire

    02 Santa Fe

    03 East Harlem

    04 Goshen

    05 Payne’s Bay

    06 The Rip Tide

    07 Vagabond

    08 The Peacock

    09 Port of Call



    Beirut – East Harlem by Revolver USA