New Battles Album Being Recorded in Times Square


    The members of post- post- post-rockers Battles have announced plans to release a follow up to their debut album, Mirrored, later this year. Guitarist Dave Konopka has been talking to NME about the making of the album, which is being slotted into place with machine-like efficiency in a New York studio.


    The band has been getting fat from royalties after shipping out Mirrored songs to various commercial enterprises—“Race: In” featured in an Audi car commercial, “Atlas” was used in a skateboard video, and “Bad Trails” was used in the Patton Oswalt indie-drama, Big Fan.


    Despite these riches, the band has found an appropriately squalid spot near Times Square to record the new record. “Where we are is really seedy,” said Konopka. “It reminds me of old school Midnight Cowboy-era New York. Most of that area has been Bloomberged into consumerism, ESPN zones and Broadway shows, but on the outskirts there’s little pockets of vice. We’re playing right above a jack shop.”


    [via NME]