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Panic at the Disco Announce New Members Ian Crawford and Dallon Weekes

Panic at the Disco have announced that ex-The Cab guitarist Ian Crawford and the Brobecks' bassist Dallon Weekes will be joining their lineup. The two musicians will be replacing departed members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, respectively. Panic drummer Spencer Smith was effusive about the latest additions, saying "[Walker] is probably the most talented guitar player that me and Brendon have ever played with, and Dallon is a really nice guy and a really great bassist." Meanwhile, Ross and Walker have launched a new act, The Young Veins, and recently debuted a track called "Change" on their MySpace page. [NME]


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Panic! At the Disco

These two new "members" are so far just temporary, filling in on the tour that Panic! is doing with Blink-182. Your blurb makes it sound like they're permanent members, when they actually may not be.


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