New Avalanches Album Out This Year, Says Jennifer Herrema

    The Avalanches teased us with new details of their sophomore album — tentatively titled On A Saturday or Friday Night Fever — when they revealed that Jennifer Herrema, of Black Bananas (formerly RTX), would appear as a guest. And today, Pitchfork spoke with Herrema, who revealed that the Avalanches told her that the album is “definitely going to come out this year.” While that news is pretty crazy and hopefully true, we’re just as psyched to learn that we’ll be hearing a Danny Brown feature on the album(!!!!).

    Herrema then described the melody, lyrics, and vocals she wrote for her contribution to the new Avalanches project. She called them “very melancholy– this little teenage-street-kid melancholy. She then added: “I can identify with being young and lost. I remember times when I was really fucked up. You do stuff that you need to do to get by, but you still have a conscience.”

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