New Arctic Monkey’s album to be released this summer

    In an interview with Australian radio, Triple J, Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner announced that the band are two-thirds of the way through work on their new album. He said the album is "78 per cent is done, I have been working in fractions actually – two thirds," and that he’s "thrilled with it."

    The group from Sheffield’s third album, the follow-up to 2007’s Favourite Worst Nighmare, should be ready for release this summer Turner explains, "We’re going to have us new album with you by the summer I think."


    Echoing Josh Homme’s sentiments about their recent recording sessions with the Queens of the Stone Age frontsman in the Joshua Tree National Park, Turner said, "It’s been great fun," he said. "We went out to the desert for a little bit, we did two sessions with Josh, we had a great time." He added that the desert environment had an effect on the recordings for the album, "It’s quite an inspiring place, there’s a certain element of dust in the sound of it."