New App Identifies Samples In Your Music

    Back in the pre-technology days, listening to sample-heavy albums was a chore if you wanted to identify the original sources of the samples used. Well, now there’s an app for that.

    Aux reports on a new app for the iPhone called WhoSampled that allows users to scan their entire music collections for info on all the used samples: the original artist and their track, plus any associated covers and remixes.

    The database is still in the early stages, but it does boast information on 150,000 tracks by 54,000 different artists. After the app runs the sample through their database, you can then listen to those original snippets via YouTube or Soundcloud. Pretty neat, eh? Unfortunately, WhoSampled is only available through iTunesUK at the present time, but here’s hoping it crosses the digital pond soon.

    UPDATE: WhoSampled is now available in the US, via iTunes.

    Of course, now lawyers can now use the app to find any illegally-sourced samples…