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New Aphex Twin Album (Possibly) Out This Year

New Aphex Twin Album (Possibly) Out This Year

Those of you despairing of ever hearing another new Aphex Twin album, take heart. According to Warp founder Steve Beckett, Richard D. James is currently at work on new material, which will comprise the follow up to his last proper full-length, Drukqs, which is (gasp!) nearly a decade old. The details are sketchy at best, but Beckett stated that the album is definitely coming, and hopefully this year. As to what new direction James is taking his project, Beckett stated, "It will be as much of a surprise to me as anyone else." Let the wild speculation begin. [Pitchfork]


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Aphex Twin's last album was "Chosen Lords". I guess it was a compilation, but none of the material had previously been released on CD.


That's because it was under AFX, not Aphex Twin.


The Tuss, anyone? How quick you people forget...ignorance maybe.


I like not to remember The Tuss. It was decidely sub-standard.

Chris P new stuff right here!?.. ?


If his new album is anything like his latest shows in the UK (as seen on youtube) your skin will melt right off!


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