New Aphex Twin Album On Warp Rumored To Be Imminent

    It had been a while since we heard anything from Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) until he emerged at the London Electronic Dance Festival at the end of August to collaborate with Die Antwoord (see video below). Now comes news of a new album by the enigmatic electronic music pioneer, who is reportedly set to release his latest output on Warp in the not too distant future.


    There is no further information at present—no release date, no title, no track listing—but UK website the Quietus is saying: “News reaches us that a new album from warped genius Aphex Twin is in the works. No release date is as yet confirmed, but reports suggest that Warp have signed Mr Richard David James for another album.”


    If the report is true, this will be the first music James has released under his Aphex Twin moniker since the patchy Drukqs in 2001, although rumors strongly suggested that the 2007 record Rushup Edge by the Tuss was a work he issued under one of his many aliases.