New Album Cover Meme: Defaced Records

    Anyone who has spent time looking through stacks of used records at your record store (or Goodwill or wherever) has had at least one purchase thwarted by a defaced album cover. You know the ones: The ones where some kid clearly got bored and had a sharpie around and decided to mess up a perfect copy of the White Album. For me, I’ll always remember the time I could have bought Talking Heads’ Speaking in Tongues, except that someone named “Jim Pederson” wrote his name all over the jacket. Like 15 times. 


    Why do I bring this up? Because Seattle’s Jive Time Records has come up with the best new album cover meme: Deface Value, a blog that gathers up record covers that have been drawn on or otherwise devalued. You can check it here. My favorite is to your left.