New Album By Lykke Li Announced For May 2014

    Surprisingly, it’s been three years since the Swedish diva has released her sophomore album Wounded Rhymes. And in an interview with NME, she updated fans with the fact that this third album may be the third album in a trilogy of sorts. 

    I see my albums as a trilogy, with Youth Novels as the first one and hopefully this one as the last in this chapter…it’s always about me and the guilt and the shame and the hurt and the pride and the confusion of being a woman…I always feel like I’ve been slightly misunderstood. As a woman you get judged for appearances or things like that I don’t really care about. If anything I want to be seen as a singer-songwriter rather than a pop artist. I really feel like I’ve found my voice.

    The new album is expected to drop May 2014. Let’s hope after this trilogy she’ll continue a new chapter with her new found voice.