Netflix Adds Fake ‘Arrested Development’ Shows To Their Queue

    Netflix, in what is possibly an effort to prove they have a sense of humor (that one gag where they hiked up the monthly fee for unlimited streaming didn’t go over so well), has added a bunch of fake movies and TV shows from the first three seasons of Arrested Development to their “Watch Instantly” feed. These include Caged Wisdom: Musings From Prison, Mock Trial With J. Reinhold, the Boyfights series, and Girls With Low Self-Esteem: Newport Beach, complete will full descriptions.

    Unfortunately that’s as far as the joke goes; if you click on any of the titles, you’ll be automatically re-directed to Netflix’s bizarre-o “Example Show,” an 11-minute test video that the company created for its device partners (and inadvertently became a cult hit, due to its accidental funniness).

    Here is the description for Boyfights (full lineup is available via Vulture).

    Sibling rivalry is taken to the extreme as brothers battle it out in this compilation of adolescent boyfights featuring “A Day in the Life of American Boys,” “A Boyfights Cookout,” “Backseat Boyfights,” and “I Don’t Want to Go to Bed.”
    Cast: Michael Bluth, George Bluth Jr., Buster Bluth
    Genre: TV Documentaries, Television