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Stream 'Neon Bible' for free

Since nobody's sick of Arcade Fire quite yet (right, Josh H.?), we thought we'd let you all know that you can stream Neon Bible in its entirety all week long over at NME. Assuming you haven't already checked the album out through more nefarious avenues, you can click on the link above and stream away, provided you sign up for a free NME membership first.
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Arcade Fire

This album has grown on me a good deal. I still favor 'Funeral', but I do like this one a lot also.

Dave Park

Haha! I read the Neon Bible and have been converted! All praise due to Win with a Neon Amen!Is there an ad for where to go to get baptized, yet?Oh brother.It's lonely being the only one who doesn't like this band and The Departed.Thankfully the new Eluvium album has calmed down my rage.And, in the end, I love Prefix more than I hate the Arcade Fire.Cheers!

Josh H.

I never saw The Departed. Thanks for the Prefix props Josh!

Dave Park

Then you are at least $9.50 richer! Probably even more in NYC, I presume. Which means you have more than enough to pre-order Neon Bible at Insound. Sometimes the world just works out perfectly, you know? Well, for you. Not so much for me in this instance.

Josh H.

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