Nelly Furtado Starts Her Own Indie Label

    Nelly Furtado has recently gone into competition with her label, Interscope, by starting an imprint on indie label Last Gang Labels. The cleverly dubbed Nelstar will release its first album, by Fritz Helder and the Phantoms (members of which also serve as Furtado’s backup dancers), on July 7th. When asked why she didn’t introduce her imprint via Interscope, Furtado replied, "When you are a new band and you sign to a major, you get thrown to the fire." A strange twist to this deal is that Nelstar already has an imprint itself–Fritz Helder and the Phantoms will remain on their own label, the similarly cleverly dubbed House of Helder, with Furtado acting as "mentor." Furtado is also looking to sign several other bands, but no specifics were revealed as of yet.