Neko Case Calls Out Playboy, Is a “Musician In Music”

    Wednesday afternoon Playboy tweeted  in promotion of an article about Neko Case, an article that looked at her music through the lens of gender. The prescriptive tweet stated that Case was “breaking the mold of what women in the music industry should be.”

    Case felt that it wasn’t necessary to view her music through gender, responding “IM NOT A FUCKING ‘WOMAN IN MUSIC’, IM A FUCKING MUSICIAN IN MUSIC!” Or maybe she objected to the idea that any one person should help define how an entire gender should act within a given industry. Or: If she’s good at what she does, why is she not breaking the mold of what musicians in the music industry should be? Lots of questions.

    Case’s overt or implied objections were further troubled by the comments stemming from a publication whose record of defining what a woman or man “should be” is as patchy as the judicial process in the Spanish Inquisition.

    (In 2014 along Playboy Enterprises has been sentenced to pay $6 million for firing a whistleblower who wouldn’t issue $1 million in bonuses without approvals, they were convicted of age discrimination, and are getting sued for a model being hit with a golf club after having a golf ball teed up on her butt…)

    Playboy did not respond to Case’s tweet.

    Check out the mostly one-sided exchange below: