Neil Young Registering Trademarks For Potential High-Def Music Service


    Neil Young may have two new albums in the works, but he’s also dealing with something close to his heart: the battle for fidelity. The singer has campaigned for higher quality recordings to be in wider circulation since the advent of the MP3 and streaming media, and it appears he is taking active steps to address that issue.

    Rolling Stone reports that Young has applied for trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the following: “Ivanhoe,” “21st Century Record Player,” “Earth Storage,” “Storage Shed,” “Thanks for Listening” and “SQS (Studio Quality Sound).” A description accompanying the application reads as follows:

    “Online and retail store services featuring music and artistic performances; high resolution music downloadable from the internet; high resolutions discs featuring music and video; audio and video recording storage and playback.”

    According to the Rolling Stone report, it might take a year of paperwork for Young to get the government to register his trademarks, which are likely to tie into a service he is hoping to pioneer named Pono. Pono will be “a revolutionary new audio music system presenting the highest digital resolution possible, the studio quality sound that artists and producers heard when they created their original recordings,” according to a press release that heralded the news of Young’s forthcoming memoir last year.